The First Amendment

An Illustrated History

  • Jesus and the First Amendment
  • Christians and Lions
  • Separating Church and State in The City of God
  • When the Church was the State
  • Magna Carta and Freedom of Religion
  • Religion and Speech in Puritan America
  • Libel Law in Colonial America
  • John Peter Zenger’s trial and the Freedom of the Press
  • A Christian Nation?
  • The ‘Wall’ Separating Church and State
  • The First Amendment as Your Personal Savior
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Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press

The First Amendment’s speech and religion clauses define America. In origin the two components were interdependent and the Amendment’s modern scope and interpretation as enshrining the separate principles of Free Speech and Freedom of Religion are products of a long and complex history.

This lively and easy to read account traces the philosophies and histories that informed the Framers’ thinking and the subsequent events that led to today’s understanding.

Illuminated with discursions into literature, religion, film, and popular culture here is a book for the interested citizen as well as the student of American politics and history.

114 pages
Illustrated in full color
ISBN: 978-1-945682-03-2