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There's a Lot You Don't Know About the Bill of Rights; Author/Lawyer Bob McWhirter Explains from Sequence Media on Vimeo.


Robert J. McWhirter presents "How the Constitution Guarantees You a Trial, a Lawyer and a Chamber Pot! A Multimedia History of the 6th Amendment"

McWhirter, senior attorney with the Maricopa Legal Defender's Office and former assistant federal public defender, speaks on the U.S. Constitution as part of a celebration of the 220th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution.

The event was held at the Great Hall in Armstrong Hall at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law on ASU's Tempe campus on September 17, 2007. Co-sponsored by ASU University Libraries and the Ross-Blakley Law Library at the College of Law

"The Sixth Amendment is very broad," McWhirter says. "I cover the confrontation clause, the right to a lawyer and the reasonable doubt standards. I go back to the European trial by ordeal."

McWhirter, a certified specialist in criminal law with the State Bar of Arizona, defends death penalty and other serious felonies. He received his law degree from the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, served as a clerk for then-vice chief justice Stanley G. Feldman of the Arizona Supreme Court, and was an assistant federal public defender from 1989 to 2007, representing Native Americans and other clients in a broad range of federal cases, including homicide, sexual abuse and bank robbery.


Mexico can move towards a more open, adversarial, but more open, says the doctor and lawyer Robert J. Mcwhirter right, to dictate the conference "Oral Trials in the United States and Latin America."

explained that although the gradual was a good measure to begin implementation of the new criminal justice system should consider a faster forward, according to their own experiences and those of other Latin American countries.



Criminal Lawyers Guide to Immigation Law

Criminal Lawyers Guide to Immigration Law

By Robert J. McWhirter

The Citizenship Flowchart

The Citizenship Flowchart

By Robert J. McWhirter

At Risk Youth

At Risk Youth

By Robert J. McWhirter w/ J. Jeffries McWhirter, Benedict T. McWhirter, Ellen Hawley McWhirter

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