The Ninth & Tenth Amendments

An Illustrated History

  • Rights, Government, and States
  • Greeks and Romans on Rights and Law
  • Rights in English History
  • Taking the Ninth Amendment Personally
  • The Ninth Amendment: A Happy Failure
  • The Ninth and Tenth Amendments: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
  • A History of Rights and Powers
  • Courts as Umpires of Federalism and Separate Powers
  • Slavery: A “Peculiar” Right Perfecting the Art of Hypocrisy
  • Bringing the South to the Cause
  • Fighting for the Right to Be “the People”
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Non-enumerated Rights Retained by the People & Undelegated Powers Kept by the States and the People

The Ninth and Tenth Amendments, often disregarded, have unexpected relevance today. The Ninth Amendment, based on the idea of “pre-existing rights of nature”, addressed the fears of some Framers that a national government would threaten states’ aspirations to become independent sovereign nations.

While the Ninth Amendment is concerned with the people’s rights, the Tenth Amendment reserves the people’s power over government. And while we may question whether the distinction matters today, history does provide a distinction between expanding rights as opposed to limiting government power. That is the history recounted here by Robert McWhirter.

Illuminated with discursions into literature, religion, film, and popular culture here is a book for the interested citizen as well as the student of American politics and history.

63 pages
Illustrated in full color
ISBN: 978-1-945682-09-4