The Second Amendment

An Illustrated History

  • What to Make of the Gun History Mess
  • Arms in History: The Ancient World
  • Early Modern Arms & Changes in the Militia
  • Arms against Catholics in England
  • Colonial America: England vs Colonial Militias
  • Militias and the Minuteman Myth
  • Second Amendment: Gun Regulation at the Founding
  • Guns as a Tax
  • Guns and Slavery
  • The Self-defense Myth
  • Preventing Tyranny
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The Right to Bear Arms

Can we really know the original intentions of the Framers, or enough of the history, philosophy and contemporary concerns that informed the writing of the Second Amendment to support any position?

The Framers of the Bill of Rights knew exactly what they meant when they wrote the Second Amendment. But at the time “the people” were mostly wealthy white males and there was no standing army or police force. Its subsequent interpretation by various citizen groups has morphed and grown into competing claims by each party that their own reading is the accurate interpretation.

Illuminated with discursions into literature, religion, film, and popular culture here is a book for the interested citizen as well as the student of American politics and history.

50 pages
Illustrated in full color
ISBN: 978-1-945682-02-5