The Third & Fourth Amendments

An Illustrated History

  • The Growth of Armies
  • The Intolerable Acts and the Boston Tea Party
  • Quartering Troops during the American Revolution
  • The Fear of a Standing Army
  • The Third Amendment for Today
  • “A Man’s Home is His Castle”
  • Molasses and the Fourth Amendment
  • Mercantilism versus Capitalism
  • The Seven Years’ War
  • America Reacts to the Writs
  • The Fourth Amendment for Today
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The Housing of Soldiers &
Protection from Unreasonable Searches and Seizure

Are the Third and Fourth Amendments relevant today? We no longer fear having soldiers living in our houses and we accept that search warrants are not issued without probable cause. But the Third Amendment addressed the Founders’ underlying fear of creating a standing army, seeing it as a potential threat to democracy, and the Fourth Amendment attempted to restrict broad, non-specific searches. As the world’s supreme military power, we obviously overcame the former fear, and the Supreme Court has created so many exceptions to the latter that the original intent has been hollowed out. The journey of the meaning, history, and interpretation of the Third and Fourth Amendments, from 1791 to today, is recounted here.

Illuminated with discursions into literature, religion, film, and popular culture here is a book for the interested citizen as well as the student of American politics and history.

55 pages
Illustrated in full color
ISBN: 978-1-945682-04-9