The Boston Tea Party was not a Protest Against Taxes

Rather, the political street gang called the “Sons of Liberty” was protesting tax unfairness. The modern Tea Party has it wrong.

The issue was that the British East India Company had a monopoly allowing them to import tea into the colonies without paying taxes. This really pissed off colonial importers like John Hancock who had to pay the taxes. So, they organized their gang to raid the British East India ships in Boston Harbor, Dartmouth, Eleanor, and Beaver, with cargos of tea and hard cider worth about $4,444,617.60 in 2004 dollars. Thus, the Boston Tea Party was not about being “taxed enough already” but not being taxed enough!

What they did not tell you in grade school was that only the tea ended up in Boston Harbor. The Sons of Liberty rolled the barrels of hard cider to whatever Sons of Liberty bar was near to dispose of it in a befitting way.